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Hot Water Generators, Pressurised Hot Water Generators, Hot Air Generators, Hot Water Boilers, Gas Burners, Thermic Fluid Heater, Boiler & Accessories

Hot Water Generators
Hot Water Generators
Hot Water Generator
Pressurised Hot Water Generator
Pressurised Hot Water Generator

•   High Efficiency—Less Fuel consumption.
•  Single Button Start / Stop with Automatic Control with Safety features.
•  Noiseless operation with monobloc Burner
•  No water treatment required when used with Calorifier.
•  Smokeless combustion. Low Pollutants.
•  No explosion hazards due to coil design.


HOTSTREAM is a fully automatic Hot Water Generator.
In any abnormal conditions either due to no fuel oil, low water level, high water temp., high stack temp, low pressure switch, HOTSTREAM shuts off & gives an alarm, indicating fault on control panel, so we can easily rectify the fault.

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