Hot Water Generators, Hot Water Boilers, Electric Hot Water Generator, Pressurised Hot Water Generator, Oil Fired, Gas Fired, Solid Fuel Fired, Fully Automatic, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we export products to customers from Gulf, Asian & African countries etc.


• High Efficiency-Less Fuel consumption.
• Single Button Start / Stop with Automatic Control with Safety features.
• Noiseless operation with monobloc Burner
• No water treatment required when used with Calorifier.
• Smokeless combustion. Low Pollutants.
• No explosion hazards due to coil design.


HOTSTREAM is a fully automatic Hot Water Generator. In any abnormal conditions either due to no fuel oil, low water level, high water temp., high stack temp, low pressure switch, HOTSTREAM shuts off & gives an alarm, indicating fault on control panel, so we can easily rectify the fault.